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Thanks Dave, the existing name does not include the word architect, as we were registered as ‘building designers’ when we started. In fact it doesnt even use the words building designer, so if someone just looked at our existing name only, we could design anything. We have built a reputation though and we’re getting a lot of word of mouth referrals, but I feel like reasons to change outweigh that, as people perceive architects and building designers differently. I agree reputation makes your name look good, but being called “Average Joes Budget Drafting Office” (exaggeration) is not a great business decision for an architect. Using the acronym means we can probably transition more easily though.

Thanks Bert. I have obtained feedback from a few different sources and your point about a geographical impediment is spot on. Overwhelmingly that has been the feedback so far. That was from people in the Geelong area who automatically associate it with the ‘Great’ Ocean Road, so interesting to get that feedback from someone else outside of that area too. (I know I did mention it in my spiel though)

Initially I preferred Ocean Road, but given the overwhelming responses we’ve had so far, they are all leaning toward Design In Mind.