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Paul – FS Concierge
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dima, post: 260632, member: 70936 wrote:
Thanks all, it is looking like Design In Mind is winning the ‘SWOT assessment’, and we’re making plans to move in that direction. Though it’d be interesting to know what you mean by “something does not sit right with the name Design In Mind Architects“, Paul?

Dave, I was thinking when that name came up that geography would be a benefit. The consensus seems to be that it implies that the work we do is specifically down the great ocean road though.

Patrick, thanks for the feedback. I don’t think we would be changing our name and also retaining the ‘building design’. Many people don’t know the difference between a building designer and an architect (especially in Vic where both are required to be registered). In general there is more trust with an architect though, largely because of the more stringent education and experience requirements (for those who do know the difference). Almost everyone knows that architects design buildings though, so given we are in the unusual position of having both registrations, architect is the way to go for us and the clients we would like to attract. The one benefit of building designer is that most people associate a building designer with cheaper fees than an architect, and perhaps approach them on that basis. In reality cheaper fees for B.D.s are not necessarily the case and usually not for the same services. We are happy not to be spending hours and hours providing quotations for those looking for unfeasibly low prices for their documentation, when the alternative, ‘architect’, is hopefully more likely to attract those who value good design, quality and are more likely to appreciate the value within the fees. I.E. They may actually be higher but achieve a more cost effective final building solution.
Hi [USER=70936]@dima[/USER],

It relates to my last paragraph.

“Maybe I am channelling Zaha Hadid too much but internally I expect Architects to design – in my mind, I probably use both words Designer and Architect as a proxy for each other but in reality they are not.”

In my mind, reading “Design and Architect” in the same business name is like reading the same thing twice eg, The Architectural Architects.

Just for context though, it is a nuanced discussion so my comments are around splitting hairs – in the grand scheme of things, I feel your business name plays little role in establishing trust with new prospects….

An example. My business MD Commercial Cleaning (100 on the blandness business name scale) regularly receive requests for house cleanings… go figure.