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Paul – FS Concierge
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All good points….the other big hairy monster in the room is who owns the data that is input.

I was with a major player and closed my account on 30 June.

I had auto-invoicing set up and the invoices kept going out. post my account closure date They asked me for over $100 to access my own account so I could stop the invoices that their system was sending to my customers – some weekly, some monthly.

They were very firm – they wanted the $$$ and on principle, I didn’t want to pay.

The resultant mess was that a lot of my customers were receiving multiple invoices – some from the old system and some from the new.

I even had a good customer threaten to leave my service due to this problem.

It was all very stressful.

In the end, I send them a notice to quit pointing out that me or the Trustee for my company, nor any of my customers did not authorise them to send emails to 3rd parties (my customers) and that there was no way my customers could “unsubscribe” and that they were in contravention of the SPAM Act.

In this light, they fixed the problem.

I was livid at the time as you can imagine the problem shone a big light under the rock of cloud accounting – who owns my data?

It gives rise to the question of what Soloists should do to protect their data as well.