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Just a couple of things from brief look.

  • Like Rowan why would I.
  • I may have missed it, but I shouldn’t have to dig for it I can’t find any ABN or other trust information. Oops I did find it, but it’s not obvious, I shouldn’t have to look hard
  • You state above that all your product is from Australia your selling point, yet I can only find that buried your about me page. It should be a highlight on your home page. Or else I will go to Kmart.
  • how many people really support made, I possible, but your prices are double Kmart
  • I know a lot of people have stopped buying from the ”support a charity’ hangers on, it comes down to trust. I have rung a couple and a standard answer is oh no another one using our name. Not saying you aren’t legit, just that consumers are becoming savvy..
  • Why do I want a $100 wine voucher if buying your product. I would rather get a discount, or i know that the wine is that overpriced i really dont get a benefit. I cant find any links to the terms and conditions on the offer anyhow
  • Your clearance page has sold out items. It appears they are just there to make it look like you have a lot of items.
  • I have to give you my email, name, etc, to find out how much i have to pay for shipping, dont like it because if i decide not to buy due to shipping cost, i could be spammed.