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bb1, post: 260580, member: 53375 wrote:
Just a couple of things from brief look.

  • Like Rowan why would I.
  • I may have missed it, but I shouldn’t have to dig for it I can’t find any ABN or other trust information. Oops I did find it, but it’s not obvious, I shouldn’t have to look hard
  • You state above that all your product is from Australia your selling point, yet I can only find that buried your about me page. It should be a highlight on your home page. Or else I will go to Kmart.
  • how many people really support made, I possible, but your prices are double Kmart
  • I know a lot of people have stopped buying from the ”support a charity’ hangers on, it comes down to trust. I have rung a couple and a standard answer is oh no another one using our name. Not saying you aren’t legit, just that consumers are becoming savvy..
  • Why do I want a $100 wine voucher if buying your product. I would rather get a discount, or i know that the wine is that overpriced i really dont get a benefit. I cant find any links to the terms and conditions on the offer anyhow
  • Your clearance page has sold out items. It appears they are just there to make it look like you have a lot of items.
  • I have to give you my email, name, etc, to find out how much i have to pay for shipping, dont like it because if i decide not to buy due to shipping cost, i could be spammed.

Hi Bert, I will look into whether I can get my ABN located on the home page. Not all my product is from Australia but I support alot of Australian Made and Australian Designed and it is in my catalogue so maybe I should make it a little more obvious.

Yes my prices are double Kmarts. That is the point I was making. I can’t compete with them.

I am definitely legitimate with the charities and have supported them from the word go due to my child having cancer twice and being supported throughout the journey by charity.

Hopefully some people like wine!!!! Its a gift voucher I throw into the parcel as a thank you and nobody has to use it. I haven’t cleaned up the clearance page. That is on my to-do list but again those products were real and have sold out.

The shipping costs are listed down the bottom of the website with my policies etc there is no need to sign up to find out shipping costs – which are $10 flat rate for up to 3kg’s so not too pricey.