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WOW, you have received some amazing advice, and I agree with them especially on your social media front.

You have some beautiful products. A few site suggestions for you:

  1. Reduce the size of your logo on the home page and move the menu to a smaller size up top, as the logo covers a third of the page on a monitor – and you need my focus to go to the promos.
  2. Use your sliders for promotions purposes more, showcase a product etc
  3. When I click on a collections page, I have to scroll to get to the products, I suggest reducing the introduction a bit, maybe have the text beside the picture so I can see the products immediately – we are lazy people, who like to see things straight away :)

The key point is get us lazy shoppers to the products quickly, all of this helps a tiny bit, but obviously you need more social media.

Your social media focus should be to grow your Facebook and Instagram, these are big areas and you need to fix the web page links to suit.

It might be wise to hold off on adwords for a month and invest in social media and do a mini re-launch the following month.

YOUR FACEBOOK – you are doing well on Facebook, but please include more fun and entertaining posts so people don’t just see adverts for your products, and reduce the number of hashtags per post if possible :) You want your followers to keep coming back to your page to be entertained (like your Just keep Swimming Post)

Also, hitting trends is what places like Kmart do really well, for both colour trends and style trends. (IE Hamptons look) so keep up with the trends and have new products to match those and use your social media and slider to promote. Your Pinterest account shows these trends well :)

For example your Chuchka’s Jungle Towel, these are HOT HOT HOT right now, and you have them at an amazing price based on your competitors (you are the cheapest for exact same product) leverage the you know what out of this !!!!

Showcase this on your home page slider, flaunt it on social media etc etc.

Also, on your information for this products you do not mention Chuchka’s anywhere – people who are your target market will search for the “brand”, as they want that trend.

You get my drift.

All the best and we are here if you need us.