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El Arish Tropical Exotics
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bb1, post: 260615, member: 53375 wrote:
Just a PS. Its also other pages that has sold out items on it, just looks messy.

Not being a shopify user, but I know someone who has used it and they had the same issue, and my understanding is that there is a soft switch somewhere to not display sold out items.

I think there is a fine line on out of stock items. “Clearance” and “Sale” items that are out of stock should not be visible (although I’m guilty of the same thing sometimes). But if you have stock coming in at a confirmed date, having a “notify me” button will ensure that once the stock comes in it will move quickly and most likely a few other items will go with those sales.
Stock that’ll be out for six months or more should remain invisible to your customer as sometimes they hold off on orders until things come back in or become fixated on what they can’t have.
I carry a huge range and find that ironically when everything is in stock I am less profitable because things move slower and customers can be overwhelmed with too much choice. When things go in and out of stock it creates a sense of urgency.
Create social media buzz around new items and let customers know when you are low on stock. Which brings me to my next point….

What are you doing for newsletters? My website is with Neto and I signed up with Smartrmail. It integrates with Shopify as well. I did over over $1,400 in extra business during the two week trial without breaking a sweat. Since then it’s worked really well for me and pays for itself. You can segment customers, tailor emails to customers that have bought certain items, over a dollar amount, etc. Give it a go, trial is free and it’s 100% geared for eCommerce. It’ll help you turn one off customers into return clients. Ask for Josh, he’ll hook you up on the trial and explain the best ways you can make it work for you.