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James Millar
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Hey Alison. You have some really nice items on your site. Reminds me a little of Typo stores which are very popular in my home.

Some great detailed advice above but just going back a few steps. Have you established any desired business outcomes for say the next 1 to 3 years? Its clear from your post that one desired outcome is for the business to be at least financially self sufficient (break even). However, is break even the target or do you have a preferred level of profit in mind that would satisfy you for your efforts invested? Or is it purely a passion project where break even would be quite satisfactory because of the many other benefits the business brings you?

Because one consideration is that if the business is not bringing you any money or any joy AND if the path ahead to achieve either of those is highly uncertain and time intensive – then is pursuing this particular business the best thing for you?

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