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I really hate white backgrounds, they burn my eyes, but nearly every skin care and cosmetic site uses that so I will let that pass. A problem is that the products I looked at have white containers on a white background. You need a better photographer to bring out the product image.

Anyway, the first thing that strikes me is that if you are selling products that are ‘Hand made with love in Australia’ then as a potential customer I would like to see a site that is more ‘personal’, or at least has personality. At the moment your site looks like any other shopify site selling the same sort of products.
How are your products different? what do you have to offer that no-one else has? It is so generic, and that makes it very difficult to market.

Your descriptions have good use of descriptive and emotive words – use that technique on your home page. Use a text box either above or below your ‘Featured Collection’ and tell people why they want to buy your products.

Your FB page has too many ads and not enough informational posts. The link to the article about baby chimps being taken from the wild is good (if it is true, I didn’t check). Articles and info are great ways to get your name remembered and keep people interested.

Hope this helps.