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Just an idea and I haven’t done any market research, but just from my experience many moons ago and just from what I have seen with many families around me.

Don’t target cheap and nasty (20 bucks as you put it) where competition is around every corner. Why not target top of the range, super expensive (even if its not).

Just from what I have seen with baby one, no expense is spared as it has to outshine every baby in the street, mothers group and crèche. By baby 2 it’s settled down to middle of the road, and well baby 3 if they aren’t getting hand me downs it’s Kmart end of season stuff, by the time they got to number 8 in my case well you can just imagine. Personally (no research), I think the big dollars are to be made at the top end of the market not the bottom.

Why not go up market instead of down.

Just a thought, like I said I have done no research just based on what I have seen over a few (to many) years. I guess thats a little bit of research