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Interesting post, can have merit on some occasions and can be irrelevant in others.. May be industry and role specific and may even be the personal nature of the owner who may not want to disclose the business.

Personally, without knowing the business itself and the role etc etc, i think it will depend if the insight helps you navigate and improve. Example, if you are a sales person on the floor – i am not sure how statistics, past and present help, as the job at hand is selling? Only impact is wages and understanding the performance (and potentially exposing profit) to staff (albeit valued) but not impacting future outcomes.

Although the above goes against what i normally do, as in i tend to share my successes with staff and the likes and give an overview of where i wish to take the business, its not always crucial is all i am saying – i guess.

Amy, you appear to be asking for our input – although may i ask, is this a situation you are currently in? or are you just exploring the scenario? You infer your boss thinks its a waste of time, can you see that it isnt though? is this why you ask? May i push further, what is it you hope you would gain or how can it better assist you in doing your current task or role?


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