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Dave Gillen – Former FS Concierge
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Hi Erin,

Almost anyone can offer coaching these days, so I think it’s important to show your qualifications more prominently (not just a few words at the end of your About page).

I like the down to earth approach of better health for everyday people, but I think the site is lacking examples of what specific outcomes you can deliver.
The 4 week coaching blocks are a great idea, but people still want to know what they are going to get for their money – better flexibility for less pain, better organisation/recipes for better eating, establish a consistent 3 day per week exercise routine, run for 30 min non-stop?

I would look at your past clients over the years and list every outcome you’ve achieved for a person over 4 weeks.

To go further you could create a selection of choices for the 4 week blocks. So people can see the one they want and say – I’d like to sign up for the “Find time in my week to exercise” coaching, or “Meal prep for healthy lunches” or “Better sleep through exercise and relaxation techniques”.

Still for regular people, but more specific with outcomes that will make life/health a little easier.

Just some ideas :)