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Hi Ricardo,

Firstly, let me start by saying that this is a great question. It had me thinking for quite a while as this type of strategy is something I recommend that my clients don’t do.

I even brought this question to work this morning ( I work for a Digital Agency in Richmond as a Snr. Digital Producer) as a bit of trivia.

Also, I’m doing work for a local electrician who implemented this strategy and is not happy with where his suburb level landing pages are ranking organically on Google. I’ve advised him to create suburb specific content on each of his landing pages to rank higher. It’s a golden rule for creating location specific landing pages.

But, back to your question…

We came to the conclusion that we think the pages are ranking high organically because, despite not using best practise, they are are owned by a well known business and are therefore much more likely to be relevant.

That, combined with Domain Authority and History, backlinks and other SEO practises allow it to rank higher that a lot of other smaller players.

At the end of the day, that’s Google job – to serve the content most likely to be perfect for your search term.

I hope this helps!