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John Romaine
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ajkeal, post: 260904, member: 102243 wrote:
I’ve advised him to create suburb specific content on each of his landing pages to rank higher. It’s a golden rule for creating location specific landing pages.

What do you mean by “suburb specific”?

ajkeal, post: 260904, member: 102243 wrote:
we think the pages are ranking high organically because, despite not using best practise, they are are owned by a well known business and are therefore much more likely to be relevant.

This makes absolutely no sense.

You’re essentially saying “If you’re a big brand then you can post crap and it’s more relevant”

Crap is crap, regardless of who you are.

ajkeal, post: 260904, member: 102243 wrote:
That, combined with Domain Authority and History, backlinks and other SEO practises allow it to rank higher that a lot of other smaller players

Jims is a big brand yes, and it has a sh*tload of pages and links. That cant be argued. BUT it doesnt mean that because they’re getting away with it that its “right”.

These pages will eventually get flushed out, and everyone will be pointing, laughing and saying “We told you so”.

Google is smarter than you think.

They let people get away with this crap for years, then they come in hard with their big hammer and they wipe everyone out in one big hit.

Suburb pages are one of those things that can work when done right, BUT they should be avoided altogether. There’s a much better way but people are lazy.