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Absolutely agree with everything Mischelle & Dave have suggested.
Keep in mind that labour hire companies also manage long periods between the receipt of contract payments and paying their own sub-contractors. So if you want to keep people on your books you’re going to need $$.

My dad took the middle-man out of his own contract when he realised how much cream the labour hire company was skimming on top of his hourly rate. He set up a shelf company, negotiated directly with the employer and took on 2 contractors (himself & a colleague). He didn’t have the resources – or the drive – to take on more contractors, as he disliked negotiating money & conditions. But he already had a direct relationship with the firm that employed his services (and it was only one firm, but different departments), and he was highly-regarded for his particular skills (he was an aeronautical engineer) which meant the firm would have negotiated with whatever company represented him.

Upshot is, there might be a fair bit of work to be a middle-man :)