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John Romaine, post: 261034, member: 39536 wrote:
Whatever you choose make sure that the domain name is available, and all social properties.

And the trademark ;)

I agree with some earlier comments here – reputation can be more important than the name itself. Google is actually a perfect example. The word Google doesn’t automatically tell us they are a search engine/IT/Tech brand. Apple doesn’t scream MP3 players, computers etc (it’s a fruit!)

BUT, that said, whilst I think Chemical Labotomy is quite ‘funky’ for your services, it perhaps isn’t the right fit for commercial/family events versus musical festivals/concerts and similar.

Is it possible to operate two arms to the business – one with the existing name for existing market and clientele (which I assume from the name is a bit more music/festival focused etc) and a second for your corporate/family market?