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Hey Flying Solo!

Just thought I would give an update:

  • The process has been a bit of hard work but I have now recorded 4 episodes, the most recent one with James Millar (who is a regular Flying Solo contributor) as my guest.
  • I had a logo created by finding someone on Fiver that did it for 10 bucks (though will likely upgrade to something a little more polished down the track).
  • I got my podcast on the Apple itunes where it can be found on the regular apple app.
PowerofWords, post: 260958, member: 979 wrote:
Dont know how, but you need to put the ‘takeaways’ of the podcast in a summary, and also sum up upfront perhaps.

With James, I summed up the takeaways at the end of the episode which was a great way to close.

Paul – FS Concierge, post: 260959, member: 78928 wrote:
I think it would be a great idea to work on having a direction or focus for the podcasts so that the people looking for what that is can find you.

Eg, I listen to How I Built This which tells founder’s stories.

What stories will you tell?

Yeah my plan from here is to have a few key themes. One of them being why some businesses fail and what people can do to improve their chances. I plan on predominately talking with business owners and chatting about what has worked for them/what lessons they have learned. But I also want to talk about other relevant business topics e.g. have spoken about retirement/super with Regan (my second guest) and can see myself discussing relevant topics such as asset protection, pheonix activity, etc (if I think they will be interesting).

From here its just a matter of being able to produce a quality episode each time (got a lot of learning ahead of me!) and seeing if people are interested in what I’m doing. If any of you out there have any feedback for me or any ideas I’d love to hear it :)