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James Millar
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bb1, post: 261579, member: 53375 wrote:
2 way is definitely the way to go (IMO).

I think once you got over the initial nervousness of interviewing the boss (;)), and therefore a little more confidence its seemed to happen more, not any one particular point, just a general observation.

A lot of good information, but also towards the end I thought it got a little to sales pitch style, and I know thats what podcasts are.

Good feedback Bert – I’m sure Ben will appreciate.

I think Ben’s intended “theme” was to discuss small business and the various challenges they face. As you could probably gather, the perspective we were providing was that small business is not for everyone – despite what they think. I think both you and I have discussed that very issue on this forum quite a bit in the last 12 months (and at times felt the wrath because of it – not everyone likes to hear the truth). If anything my firm is keen to provide a “reality check” to those just starting out. Even if it may cost us a client.

I think it was a good mix. Yes we discussed our slightly different approach (our preferred level of greater engagement) and I think if that is persuasive and encourages people to question their current adviser relationships – all the better.

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