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JamesMillar, post: 261581, member: 5318 wrote:
I think Ben’s intended “theme” was to discuss small business and the various challenges they face. As you could probably gather, the perspective we were providing was that small business is not for everyone – despite what they think. I think both you and I have discussed that very issue on this forum quite a bit in the last 12 months (and at times felt the wrath because of it – not everyone likes to hear the truth). If anything my firm is keen to provide a “reality check” to those just starting out. Even if it may cost us a client.

Oh the theme was really good especially using your own example, where even though you had run the numbers (with your experience), it was still a bit touch and go at times. Definitely should highlight to some potentials that even with good knowledge it can still be a borderline thing, and should highlight to them all the more reason to actually do the numbers and research, rather then say that the cat thinks it’s a good idea, so it must work.

I can handle the wrath,