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hitechleongatha, post: 260954, member: 110650 wrote:
Hi Again,
We are currently trying to source a CRM to implement in our business that won’t cost us a small fortune.
As we are growing we are finding it more and more difficult to keep track of jobs and customer interactions and have a central place where customer information and updates are, leaving staff on point of contact in the dark unless they approach other team members who are responsible for the job.
Can anyone tell me what systems they are using? I’m starting to get a bit soul destroyed after being quoted 10K plus for some systems and it just isn’t an affordable option right now.

I’m not sure if you’ve found a CRM, but thought I’d put my 2c worth in. Hubby and I run a small fabrication business. We ended up using ZohoCRM and have been using it now for 5 years. I love the integrated email browser as most of our enquiries come via email and I can quickly and easily create client records and all correspondence is automatically tied to records. I can view any emails he’s sent to clients, notes are easily entered and viewable from any users portal. For two users it’s costing us about AUD$60 a month and is money well spent. You can also integrate it into your accounting software if required. It has many other features we don’t use that are quite powerful. You can test drive it with their free trial.