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Hi [USER=111805]@OFL455[/USER] – not sure if this helps, but found a thread from a few years ago – https://www.flyingsolo.com.au/forums/index.php?threads/backdating-an-invoice.26299/ discussing this sort of thing.

Not my area of expertise so not advice at all – but the discussion might help you. I assume the work hasn’t been paid for given you’ve not yet invoiced? It discusses differences between (for example) GST – if you are cash based for GST (assuming you are registered for GST) my understanding is this side is treated based on date paid, irrespective of date invoiced. In terms of income for the company/business it may be different. You may need to get in touch with your accountant to get clarity for your precise business and circumstances but in the mean time I hope the link is helpful.

Also – it may be a factor to consider where your own accounts are at. If you’ve finalised June in terms of your own accounts – e.g. for BAS or end of year returns etc, then back dating an invoice now might not be possible/doable etc – again, your accountant will hopefully be able to assist in the answer based on your precise circumstances.