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Interesting thread in my view. I saw another thread on here recently that did discuss the phone number ‘thing’ and suspect that motivated this one? I operate two websites – in both cases obviously we have a contact page with phone number, but also the respective phone numbers appear in the ‘header’ section (and yes, top right!) so no matter the page a visitor lands on, it’s there. That said, I have colleagues in the same field who have no phone number displayed but a calendar book in a phone appointment type thing at the site… speaking to them, that works for them. Personally, I like to see it on each page to save hunting for a phone number, and just reassures me I can call if needed. It absolutely, in my view, needs to be on a contact page. As a consumer, visiting a website, if I hit a contact us page and see only a web-form I will bounce. I need more information about contact information to have some trust in the business.