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I have my number listed on my website, I think it certainly adds credibility to the business.

Ironically, I’ve only recently received spam calls to my emergency unlisted number, but not my listed one.

I’ve got a PBX setup for my phones with queues and business hours, so aside from emergency calls that I indicate in the greeting message they will be charged for, all calls out of hours go to an out of hours message letting them know what the hours are and then ask them to leave a message or visit the website. (This also means you can use multiple local phone numbers, or a 13/1300/1800 phone number if you wish as well, without having to pay for mobile phone redirects).

Even though I’m a ‘one man band’ it definitely helps, especially if I am already on the phone, and I don’t have to give out a mobile number.

Same goes with fax, I use UTBox for fax numbers as I rarely ever send/receive them; the $60 a year works great and you just get an email with a PDF.