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I have read many customer review sites, and one of the biggest complaints I see is ”I can’t speak to the business”, ”they refer me to the website”, etc.

Isn’t it interesting? As per another discussion on here there is a quote that does the rounds that goes something along the lines that people do business with people.

And yet, you are right, so many seem to be avoiding direct communication.

I am currently doing the rounds trying to invite people to an event I am holding next month. It truly is like a trip to the dentist, trying to get a number, get past a screener, get someone who isn’t too busy to talk etc. (Ironically, I am promoting a product that potentially saves a lot of time, to people who are too busy to attend.) This is all after sending out invitations via email, social media etc., with little response.

But, I can also understand it as a receiver of calls. The vast majority of calls I get are time wasters, and I don’t even have a website. At the outset you don’t always know who the caller is.

But isn’t talking to a customer a good sign of customer service, plus you could convert a customer who asks you about the yellow round widget which you don’t sell, to really seeing that the Blue and gold square widget is actually better for them.

I agree that talking to someone may convert, but I am not convinced that “good” customer service is about being accessible to talk all the time. People are lazy and will always take the shortest route. I’d rather be assisting an existing customer than spending time on the phone with a maybe. And in my work, I am not even sure if I am that worried if a potential customer bounces because they couldn’t contact me immediately, whereas it may be different for others. I say this as someone directing all calls to my mobile for the event I am hosting because I want to be accessible to those wishing to attend.

So I guess I don’t really have an answer because I see it from both sides. I do think it depends on the business as to how accessible you are. But one thing is for sure, the customer has to know.