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Websites need to cater to fast acting, ready to contact a business people, and those who like to read a bunch of pages. If not, then the website appeals to a small number of visitors.
Years ago I used to use direct mail letters (3 page ones) to promote free seminars and send out 2,500 per seminar. Some people would turn up and say your letters are too long. I would reply with, ‘didn’t you read it all’, to which they said no. Then I said, I don’t mind if you read any or all of it, all I care about is the number of people who respond and the small percentage that respond to attend is all that matters.
I recommend having the phone number very prominent on a website, at the top left or right and it needs to be clickable on mobiles. That way its there, for speedy action takers and also for slow to act readers so that when they are ready to phone its right there for them to click on.
On another note, I’m not a fan of an email being shown on the site at all. It invites spam, plus from decades of tracking conversion rates from leads, those leads that come into service businesses, that convert to sales averages about 3% to 5% when phoned in leads average 30% to 60%. So they are almost a complete waste of time. If someone can’t phone the business to talk, in traditional service businesses, the quality is often poor. That’s another good reason to have the phone number being as part of the menu or at the top in plain sight.
There’s a lot to decide on with website designs and some are beyond the usual website developers who may build ‘cookie cutter’ sites where all sites have the same ingredients. If you’d like to know more about what your website needs of the 35 essential, potential ingredients this training may interest you.
I’ve found about 10% of websites have all the essential ingredients relevant to the industry, so a lot of leads are missed out on from visitors or searches.
Happy to answer any questions on these points.