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AdamStewart, post: 262240, member: 111875 wrote:
This is how I feel as well. Sometimes I like to initially send an email with everything I want to get across then explain over the phone if needed.


Replying in an email gives me the ability to expand the subject a bit and send links to information my customer may need to make an informed decision. I’m not just out to “sell stuff” but to impower customers and make them better gardeners and part of that involves educating them. My customers that follow instructions and are interested in educating themselves are the backbone of my business as they become repeat customers and advocates for my business. The success of my business reputation depends on my customers success. I’m not trying to appeal to anyone with the attention span of a flea, they generally suck at gardening.

Bert, I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one. My feeling is that you are projecting your business experiences onto all businesses. I’m outside not by a computer and can’t really answer off the cuff questions like was my order dispatched?, how many do you have in stock, etc And I certainly can’t cram 10 seasons of Gardening Australia into one phone call to make sure they are equipped to grow the plant they are inquiring about. Email gives me more opportunity to go into depth via links. It’s a funny notion that small online business owners just sit in an office or at home all day. I guess my job is collect money while the fairies do all the work!

In my reply wasn’t asking if I should use the phone more I was sharing my opinion and experiences. Your advice is falling on deaf ears :) I’m not every potential customer’s cup of tea nor do I want to be.