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John Romaine
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RunicConvenience, post: 262371, member: 112020 wrote:
but I tend to prefer live chat

For most business owners this is the quickest way to lose customers.


Expectations with live chat are completely different.

Phone – *ring ring …”Hello?”, “Yes Hi I’m interested in your red widgets”
Email – “I’m about to go to bed, but Im interested in their red widgets, Ill send them an email and check it in the morning”

Live chat – “Hello, Im interested in your red widgets. Hello? Hello? Is anyone there…???” Bugger this Im outta here (visits competitors site)

I’ve seen this time and time again working in this space and it happens for the same reason over and over.

Business owners say they’ll be there, ready to answer any messages that come in, but it never happens, and those customers are lost.

Unlike phone or email, people using live chat want an immediate response because they expect someone to be sitting there, and when the business owner is downing a few pints at the local RSL they get the shits and bail.

Forget trying to be clever. Stick with email and phone.

PS – This advice comes from data, not my personal opinion. When you track and measure everything, the numbers dont lie.