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Going back to Lucy’s original post, which included recent experiences about others avoiding ‘coffee meetings’ because:

“It takes up the whole day and costs me money,” said one.

“I only ever do it if I know they are good client/worth my time. Wherever possible I sound them out on the phone or Skype for a couple of sessions first,” said the other.

I think those views would exist whether the meeting is in a cafe, a board room, a client’s office or a golf course?

F2F meetings can take up a lot of time irrespective of where they occur, and a lot of us will prefer to sound out via phone, email, skype etc before the F2F occurs. For me, this rings quite true. I am in a profession that is often found in CBD locations – only, I am not in the CBD – rather, some 45-60 mins out if I want to drive in to see a client. So, for me the F2F coffee chat could involve 2 hours of travel + the hour or so of chat to see a prospect, which is a big chunk of the working day, to potentially determine that we don’t mesh or that prospect is not likely to engage my services. That does, as per Lucy’s message, take up time and cost me money. BUT, in contrast, I have a client operating in the CBD (Melbourne) – one of my best and biggest client’s… I’ve traveled the 45-60 mins in (repeated to get back out again) for 10 min chats with them… more than once – making the second experience Lucy shared also ring true – I’m willing to do it when I know they’re a good client.

However, if I know the client (or prospect) is local to me, I am probably more willing to accept a coffee meet-up to chat without as much concern. It’s all time in my view. Definitely certain things are better discussed in private environments than the local McD’s for sure, but time is definitely a factor.

We all run different businesses, so the need for F2F will differ from business to business I am sure. Interesting post Lucy! Already differing responses coming in..