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Hi Nan,
Have you prepared a basic business plan?

I came across this example on Google:

Marketing Plan for a Landscape Business to Target Residential Work

An important aspect of preparing a business plan is the research phase. You need to explore these issues:

  • Who are the different types of potential clients you want to target?
  • Where are the ones you want to target?
  • What do you want to tell them?
  • How can you reach them (on and off-line)?
  • What resources can you bring to the table? This will include a $ budget, your time, resource material like pictures of your work, reviews & recommendations, memberships of relevant bodies, recognised qualifications, etc.
  • What are you competitors doing?

We don’t know how many jobs you can manage per month but I expect there is some absolute limit on your time. I also suspect landscapers don’t have much repeat business from a single consumer.

If you are just starting, you want to be able to set a new client acquisition system in motion that occupies as little of your time as possible so you can allocate your time to income generating activities, i.e. landscaping jobs.

If these assumptions are close to accurate, it might suggest a strategy where you need to develop a network of new client referrers.

I’m out of my market experience zone here. I’m thinking of when people are about to sell their homes. It seems to me some will look for landscaping services at this time. Who could be referrers in this process – real estate agents, home dressers or stylists, etc.? What about nurseries and garden suppliers as potential referrers?

I’m a retired SEO and Internet marketing consultant. Our markets could have a lot in common. Back in the day, for new business I relied on referrals from a small network of web designers/developers. My online communications (website) was written to provide them with relevant info to email their clients who wanted SEO support.

I did not try to rank top of any search query in Google. The only social media platform I ever used was LinkedIn. It suited the business environment of my referrer network. (Not saying this is best for your industry.)

Have you checked how well your Perth landscaper competitors are doing on social media? How many followers they have? Over what time period? Have you checked who is “liking” their posts?

When you burrow down into this level of social media research it is very (most?) common to find that the majority of “likers” are geographically impossible to be clients, repeated likes from a bunch of business employees, probably professional “likers” from a bunch of low wage countries. (Did you know that people offer to supply 1,000 Facebook “likes” for $US7? That’s likely why Fb killed around 25% of accounts recently.)

May 2015: Facebook closed 583m fake accounts in first three months of 2018

Get your research and plan in place, first.

Then you can decide on not only whether you need a website but who its content is for and how you plan to deliver its info – Eg, Email referrals, generic search, paid search, free social media, ads on social media..