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bb1, post: 262501, member: 53375 wrote:
I would be interested in the experts view on this, there was one business posting in my local buy swap group every second day, and a few weeks in one person told them how annoying it was, and suddenly a heap of others jumped on the band wagon, advising their annoyance as well.

Just reposting in certain groups could P off people and thus turn them away from you. Advertising is about getting in front of your potential client, but not getting up close and personal.

I agree. I have built many businesses assisted by FB groups however, I was never advertising in them that often. I would cut back to once a fortnight perhaps unless you can respond to someone’s question regarding a problem or idea.

Contact local builders that are working on new houses. Join the real estate group for your area, potential customers have just purchased their new house. :)

Hope this helps, Joy