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Interesting question, although i do not have an actual answer (apologies) to your plight i love how people make a snap decision and form an opinion about someone else within a frozen moment of time.. It is hilarious…

Happens lots, people only see the frontal assault and not what you are encountering behind the scenes… To be honest, this shows that the person asking is possibly small business naive and has very little insight into owning or operating a small business and the ups and downs…

Generally, especially in hospitality or a social business, a simple reply of ‘yeah been great, more importantly though, how are you?’ which is generally what most customers want to talk about in the first place :)

What is interesting is that this thread brings forth many a comment that has been written in FS over the years, and also happens with us here, about it sometimes only takes one solid customer a day or a week (insert whatever period suits you) to actually make your day profitable.. And you never know what time they will walk through the door..

My advice, dont overthink it and say ‘good, thanks’ and move on.. Especially since you own your chattels and are paying yourself and are paying super – what could be better, opening your bank balance to the intrigued customer? LOL… The power is in perception, overcome that they think you are quiet in a polite way – or even say ‘when was the last time you seen it like this, i cant recall the last time i had to run around nude in the shop? wanna join me?’


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