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Dave Gillen – Former FS Concierge
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Hi [USER=77590]@kate_r[/USER],

I think your instincts are spot on. There are a couple of opportunities I’ve thought of recently on my shopping trips that might help.

1) The fruit shop outside the supermarket. People buy their fruit & veg in the supermarket for one main reason – they are already in the shop. I believe the fruit shop guys should be offering a crazy good price on one common fruit/veg that’s too good to refuse, to get you to their register, and to get you in the habit of stopping there. Always have one great deal at cost price or maybe below (on your biggest sign out the front).

2) Convenience store. People always know the best place to get their favourite items. If a convenience store made themselves “The Home of the $2 Chocolate Milk” for example, you’re going to have all the local tradies telling their mates about it at lunchtime. Make it the proper 600mL Oak, don’t cheap out.

Maybe you could be the home of the $2 choc milk? Or those big break iced coffees? Or something similar? And paired with a hamburger or fish and chips the overall deal feels like good value.

Has to be something they can’t get at that price anywhere else. And I’d go with the most popular brand, because it has a known value, so it’s an indisputable bargain (rather than discounted chips).