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for a quick and working email service I like Zoho as they let you use your own domain for free *google used to do this* so you can get a professional email while the website/hosting other details are still being worked on without dealing with finding out your brand does not have any domain names available.

if you want to do something different what about offering remote accounting maybe have an app that can take photos of deductable invoices, PAYG statements and receipts encrypt then send to you.

allowing you the accountant to have all the details they need. alas would be more a thing for tax year workers vs business as I am assuming you would need more face to face and data than images of invoices

as I feel its one area that seems to lack with accounting yet the ability to passively build up your records throughout the year by using photos as you buy deductibles so that your client info is already labelled and removes the whole issue of forgotten items