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Donna Klajman
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Aaron F, post: 261242, member: 111912 wrote:
Thanks everyone

Currently yes using gmail only because I have not created a website yet or bought a domain. My initial costs have already been quite high with the software and registrations, though I guess when advertising I should remove the email.

For now my target market is towards the lower end with simple taxes, though as I get new clients I hope to move into maybe the lower mid tier.
Hi Aaron,

First off, I found marketing a service is more challenging than marketing a product because, well, it’s invisible. You’re just making a promise. I know this because I also work in a service industry and run my own service business.

One thing I have realised in running my own business is that in most professional services, you’re not selling expertise because your expertise is assumed. For example, how can you evaluate “a really good tax return”?

What you will need to figure out is what will make a prospect choose you over your competitors? You will need to dive into the deeper benefits of why clients should give you their hard-earned money.

What are you really selling? Just a hint, it’s not tax returns :)

Once you figure this out, then you can go out there and market yourself. You are in business so it’s important to know how to make sure that clients know about you and can find you. You want to make sure that clients who are looking for taxation services that you offer can find you.

You definitely need a website.

Hope that helps.