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We make software that manages bookings and have a number of our customers using us for dress hire. Here are some suggestions:

  • Check out other dress hire sites and see what they are charging. Some dresses are quite popular and appear on multiple dress rental sites so you will be able to get an idea from that.
  • You can ask for a deposit, but anything that causes friction in the checkout process will hurt conversions so personally I think it is better to factor it in to the rental price.
  • Similarly for delivery. Keep it super simple and transparent (and make sure it is easy for customers to return items).
  • Include the dry cleaning cost in the rental price. Your customers don’t need to know about that – although they definitely want to know it is being cleaned between rentals :-)

Finally, here’s an article for inspiration: https://www.themuse.com/advice/what-weve-learned-a-qa-with-rent-the-runways-founders

HTH, Gavin.