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It’s forced me to split it in 2, as it’s to long, I am joining the novel club.

LucasArthur, post: 261287, member: 34537 wrote:
Yes, thanks Bert, i know this is a novel of old days when i was here more frequently although i am genuinely keen to hear peoples insights or battles they have faced… Dont think this is about ‘why didnt i win that sale/deal’ it is truly just about the perception of flyingsolo or being small..


Jason to start my comment with your last comment, I have missed your novels, mostly meaningful, understandable, insightful and short and to a meaningful point. I know thats a contradiction but written to a level understandable to your average small business owner, not over the top of high level stuff, or just trying to show that you can write big words or up with the latest jargon.

LucasArthur, post: 261287, member: 34537 wrote:
What is it i am talking about? Do you find yourself in a position whereby you help other small businesses, put it out there that you yourself are in the same space (small business aka flyingsolo) and yet when you meet you get queries like:
– so when does your staff start
– do you run this on your own
– how many businesses do you run from here
– who are your clients (like really)
– are you trustworthy (please dont cast projections onto me here.. LOL.. but really)
– how long have you been in business
– when are you expanding

These are just some snapshots, and granted they tend to be from unique clients that may have had a corporate background and (light bulb moment) maybe trying to sound bigger than they are.. i wonder? thoughts?

Sounds familiar even in my business, although mainly from those who have come into money, rather then actually worked for their money. But having said that to me some are valid, as an example I would be a little cautious going with a 3PL provider who started yesterday.

I really had to have a laugh at your ”who are your clients”” point, I constantly get asked do you do ride on mowing, when I am sitting on my ride on mower, with my signed truck parked in the drive, and they have watched me do their neighbours place for the last 5 years, but some of those have become my best clients so I never lead with the line what does it look like?

But having said that I prefer to have a potential ask more (even if they appear to be silly) questions then less, to me they appear to become the better quality clients.

LucasArthur, post: 261287, member: 34537 wrote:
Am not whinging, although it sounds like it, although i am extremely curious on how you guys/gals tackle a query or a visual queue of someone sitting opposite you that appears to have thought you were a bigger operation? This could be exhibited in many ways, and never two would be the same i feel.

Interesting and again even in my business, I use these queues as a way of selling the possibly of more personal service rather then having to go through the chain of command to get something done, you are actually looking at the chain of command.

LucasArthur, post: 261287, member: 34537 wrote:
We (meaning I), am not one to try and deceive anyone.. Never want to blow my own trumpet, never want to say we are something we are not and each and every one of our existing clients are extremely happy – low if not non existent error rates.. Open communication… Answer adhoc queries in a speedy fashion… Almost operating as if our clients are sitting in our office yelling out from upstairs ‘Jason, do we have this in stock?’ and getting an almost immediate reply – an extension of their business – its all about collaboration…

This is the big selling point for the true small business owner, the client rings, and they get an answer, no waiting, no I need to talk to the boss, you are a part of their business. Sure when you are trying to sell yourself to them initially this is hard to get across, but if you can do that effectively it is a huge selling point IMO.

Just today I picked up a few plants for a client and rang asking where do they want them dropped, the answer was oh we cant put them in can you, about a 5 second delay as I calculated how long and how to juggle my next jobs, and the answer was sure I’ll do it while I’m there. If I was just the staff member it would have been, I’ll ring the boss, who will ring back in a day, saying you will have to wait a few days. These are the selling points, and why after the initial uncertainty they say yes we made the right decision.