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although it gets me thinking sometimes about the prejudice of what some other small businesses have against other small businesses –

Interesting isn’t it. A couple of thoughts on that:-

1. Not sure it is prejudice or just unrealistic/irrational expectations. I often think about my previous time working in banking, working for one of the big 4.

People would say they went with a small regional bank or similar over the large banks because of the more personalised service – then they would complain they couldn’t access their account when they travelled.

I recall once someone from overseas wanting to exchange money. They complained about our fee suggesting the smaller bank didn’t charge. I told them to go to the other bank and they declined saying it was too much of a hassle – they paid the fee.

I could relay that type of story all day. What stands out to me is the amount of times our behavour just isn’t rational, especially when it has something to do with money.

Having said that, when I go to my mechanic, or someone involved in tech, they probably think the same thing about me, given my complete lack of knowledge about that stuff. Perhaps our fear of looking dumb makes us want to appear more authorative??

2. Everyone was small once. Many forget that.

and i think this is where i struggle when i know i shouldnt even consider helping some clients – and yet i do as they need it, and it bites me in the butt along the way somewhere…

You’re not on your own there.