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Paul – FS Concierge
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Hi [USER=98720]@Lucy Kippist[/USER]

if you know of a real life situation where this is apparent and you or a friend could use a pair of ears, get in touch!

As an ex-youth worker, and manager for many years, I found often that “the problem” is actually either a symptom or a side effect.

Therefore, when effort is put into a solution, not much is actually “solved”.

Eg, I worked with young homeless people. Some would have to steal food to eat.

Finding shelter for them often did not solve their problem because it was often a symptom of their real problem.

Their stealing “problem” (they often already had a record or a future court date) was often a by-product or side effect of their homelessness, which we have already discovered is not their problem.

At the time, I was keen to discover the true nature of the actual problem.

Sometimes, It was like peeling back the layers of an onion.

Most often (but not always) for young homeless people, it was an un-diagnosed mental illness or an inability to see the consequences (good and bad) of decisions we make daily that have future impacts.

Addressing the actual problem, often meant both the symptoms and the side effects went away over time.

I see business people tackling what they think is the problem all of the time.

I call it, “Starting in the Middle” and it rarely works!

One of our members, [USER=49181]@anferneec[/USER] is starting a new business addressing relationship breakdown (between business partners or spouses) in the startup community.

I wonder if he has come across this?

Anyway – Don’t start in the middle is my number 1 tip!

I would love to hear from some of our other members – we have some great minds here and such a diversity of approach.