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A couple of comments.

Your slider, you either have to many words on it, or it moves to fast, you can read about half of it before it moves to the next screen.

I’m confused why you have the rock wall, its difficult to read the words on it

When I first arrive at you home page I have no idea what you are selling, you have wasted you 7.8 seconds you have to grab my attention, so I am going else where.

shop page, most of the text disappears into the back ground, impossible to read.

There is not one single trust thing on your website, no ABN, NO address, No phone number, no picture of you, no trust, why would I buy from you.

It needs a spell and grammar check.

Your return policy doesn’t make sense.

Maybe I missed it somewhere in the blur of writing, but I had to add an item to the cart to find out that postage is free, this is a highlight tell me about.

The shop page looks like you have a couple of items, then thought about a little story to tell us, then a few more items. With an awful background

How long will it take to get my item, who do you use to deliver my item, what really is your returns policy. What are you going to do with my personal data.

Sorry my suggestion, scrap the whole lot and find a professional to build you a website. But with caution, as to who you select.

They always say to end a review on a positive note, Ill get back to you when I think of it.