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RunicConvenience, post: 261440, member: 112020 wrote:

So I am looking at locations at the moment I am tossing up between searching for new leases in the outer suburbs of melbourne. but far enough away that I will not be competeing with servo’s and supermarkets. coffee will be made fresh I am looking at a small batch roaster to differentiate myself DefiantCoffee Dark Roast and using CDC steel cut coffee art stencil and colouring the dark chocolate powder to a red similar to red velvet.

as well as a little menu being old school burgers/w the lot. bacon and egg rolls. and spicy kransky sausage rolls/grilled onion/saurkruat

other drinks being hot chocolates, matcha and frozen fruit frappe. so at this time I see kitchen requirements being griddle top (most likely used to start with), comercial blender with noise cancelling and espresso machine and other accessories

at this time though I am still looking for a place and speaking to bank for whats needed on that end

it continues to be what feels like a massive journey but all that can happen is failure so I will keep tracking along.

also looking at the idea that would it save money buying an existing store or doing a new one and lease.

Once again, I am loving the amount of research you are putting in, if you are doing fruit frappe (yum by the way) get a few blenders, because one thing I hate is when I am with my friends ordering them and they have to do them one at a time :)

Also, get 2 choices of coffee blends – Dark roast is fine for the people that love the rich bold flavour, but it can be polarizing to people who prefer smoother blends like a french roast. Don’t over complicate just sell BOLD or SMOOTH – you can get creative with the naming LOL :)