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CateT, post: 261675, member: 112060 wrote:
Hi, the 60K is just for the mould, apparently. One mould that will later be used to make up to 500,000 parts before the life of the mould expires. I have one prototype made already (3D printed) which can be used for show and demonstrations. But its fragile and could not be used in the manner required without it eventually breaking. So, I don’t know if I can sell 3D models as they currently make it. However, I will enquire with the designers who did the 3D prototype if there is a higher strength plastic they can use and maybe that would be a lot cheaper to make upfront to test sales. Thanks for your advice and time in replying to me, it has given me something else to look into as a cheaper option.

Also, with the licensing, do you have any advice or experience finding someone who might want to licence the product from me. I have been googling a lot and tried ‘company to licence my product’ and similar search engines, with little luck in finding a company. Does ‘licensing’ go by another name and/or is there a certain type of company who do this? And is it better to try an overseas company or just stick with Australia? Any help or direction would be great.