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Hi Hassle Free, (or should we call you, Bjarni?)

Dave and others have given some excellent tips.

There are many signals potential clients use to decide whether they want to do business with a specific company/business.

The purchasing sequence is likely to go like this…

  • Do you offer the service needed?
  • Are you located where it is convenient for the purchaser?
  • How good is your service? What experience do you have?
  • Does the site visitor want to do business with you?
  • How can he/she contact you?

You want to build your credibility as folk explore your services and site.

Eg. You could greatly improve your credibility if your individual Showcase linked client pages included reference quotes from the clients and even an invite to email them for direct comment. You could set that up to copy you in on inquiries to them.

You would also add to your credibililty if you provided more info about each client’s site. Eg. Its size, its graphic and performance objectives, etc.

Be open about what you tried to do for clients and how you succeded. A problem with web services like design and SEO is that your visitors don’t really know how to assess quality. If you tell them how to assess design quality then tell them the results obtained for a client, you are building credibility and trust.

Do your competitors do this? I’ll bet my 24 years of online marketing experience that almost none of them do.

IMHO, you need to publish content under expected navigation topics.

  • They expect to see a primary menu link to “About Us”.
  • You need to include your full business name and ACN/ABN number and location on “Contact Us”
  • You need a Terms page so people know under which legislative jurisdiction any disputes will be settled.

Major “trust” issues also include:

  • Your professional qualifications
  • Membership of relevant industry bodies
  • Your experience (years) in the industry or in servicing relevant market segments.

If I’ve correctly found your Linkedin page, why aren’t you screaming about:

  • Your web design experience dating back to 2003
  • Your 1st class honours in graphic design from ANU in 1997
  • Your advanced diploma from CIT in 2002

Do your competitors have anything remotely close to your training and experience?

…but I may be way off base with your service positioning.

Are you offering a personalised web design service or are you trying to develop a “Winx-type” DIY web publishing system?

If so, good luck. Amoungst others, MYOB, Adobe and Google have failed with this strategy.

BTW, would you care to share with us why you want an alternative website to your “bj2” site?

Final comment: IMHO, you wan’t “TRUST” to focus on your unique selling proposition.