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Hi Hassle Free Website,

Trying to approach this from a prospective customer’s perspective, but I am also in service based business like you so have the same need to build trust as a service provider.

A few things – like Bert and John have said – I want an ABN too. I want to be able to immediately see you (or whoever I am contemplating doing business with) is following legal business protocols. Business name registration, ABN etc. Part of it is due to my own line of work but I will ALWAYS check ABN registers and ASIC registers to make sure the business is registered and ‘above board’ so to speak. If I don’t see this information at the website, it concerns me. If I look further and still can’t find it then I move on.

On your home page, you discuss SEO

“A Hassle Free Website is search engine friendly & covers many of the fundamentals of good coding practices for on-page SEO that Google likes.”

When I get to your pricing/packages etc they don’t seem to mention SEO. Not necessarily something that would prevent me trusting, but might make me question what I am getting for the price etc.

In addition to website terms – a privacy policy. This might even be a legal requirement. Even if for your business it’s not legally required, given you want visitors to submit some details either in web contact or ordering, I would as a consumer want to know what you’re doing with my information etc.

I do think it takes time to build that trust. Some of that will come with more clients recommending your services etc. As a ‘first face’ for the business, I think make sure you/your business is easily identified with ASIC/ABN etc so we can see quickly who we’re doing business with. Perhaps some of the information in the benefits link would fit an “about us” option? I think (could be wrong) people are used to seeing ‘about us’ at a website and will read that but might not think to look for that info elsewhere.

(Just as a typed that last bit about ‘about us’, I re-read John’s post and realised he’s said that too… so, I’d certainly go through John’s post and tick off as many items and suggestions that you can! Good information there :))