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Ok, so I did a little Googling and now have a bit of an idea of what you do. Please take this bit of opinion as from someone who has no idea of what they are talking about, lol. I am guessing that you are aiming for work in the mining or construction industry perhaps? Please excuse me if I have it all wrong.

Is it possible to break your business into pieces or steps that a business would choose from, which might make it easier to choose and option or payment plan? Say, if the business was to ask you to work towards a particular goal, maybe the identification of a cultural site or artifact is worth, this much per hour or job – and you have a rough idea of how long that would take, but if they want to go further then they move into another payment bracket.

It is hard to advise if you don’t have any idea yourself. I take it you are moving from study into the field but haven’t actually worked in it before? If so then is it possible to work under or at least voluntary work experience with someone else till you get a grip on the timing and detail of this sort of work?