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John Romaine
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Ainslee, post: 261537, member: 112119 wrote:
I don’t know how long the project will take.

Two of the most frequently asked questions in business are –

  • How much will this cost, and
  • How long will this take

I think its pretty damn important that you can answer both, as accurately as possible before you pitch anyone.

I’m not familiar with your industry but could offer the following suggestions.

Firstly, call others working in the space (non direct competitors) and ask them for 15 minutes of their time to discuss pricing. Be honest and say “Hey, listen I’m about to start my business, I need your advice – happy to pay you for your time”

You’ll have your answer within a few phone calls.

Secondly, don’t discount both options.

eg “The package best suited for you is $25,000 and gets you this, this and this. If you require additional help you can purchase credits (time) which are offered as 10 hourly lots at $180 per hour.

In other words, you’re providing options to the client. Ive found that’s always a good thing, because its not a yes or no response, its “Well option A sucks, and we can’t afford option C, but we’re interested in option B”.

Personally I think the best approach is to reach out to those who’ve been working in the field for years and just ask them.