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Ainslee, post: 261537, member: 112119 wrote:
Hi, my name’s Ainslee and I’m in the early stages of starting my own business as a consultant anthropologist. I’ve been employed for nearly 20 years so this is all very new to me, but also exciting. I’m finally putting my years of education into practice.
Thanks in advance,

Hi Ainslee,

Firstly welcome to the forums.

I have been privately consulting in the mining and civil arena for over 10 years, and getting a project pricing correct takes practice LOL. I am currently running 3 projects in WA, QLD and one in PNG.

  1. I have a fixed day rate + GST + All Expenses. The day rate is then broken into an hourly rate. (Weird I know, but the mining industry loves day rates for their initial pricing)
  2. Get the Scope of Work (SOW) and clarify everything – this planning stage is critical.
  3. Break down the project into phases (Current state review, Recommendations, completion of SOW, implementation etc).
  4. Be very clear on the scope, break down the entire project into tasks and give estimates on each task – over estimate by 15% on average. (NOTE – some of my proposal are 200 pages long as I have broken the scope into small tasks).
  5. This will give you the estimate project cost to submit in your proposal.
  6. Note very clearly in your proposal that any scope creep may impact the project estimate.

Many of my clients require an estimate for DOA sign off, therefore they like to have an overall project cost.

If they say they need you as part of a larger project and you know your portion is only about a week this might just require a day rate and not a complicate proposal.

So get your daily rate worked out, simply multiply your hourly rate to suit, if it’s an 8 hour day or a 12 hour day etc Make sure to note if it’s an 8 hour day.

Message me if you need any further help.