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Thanks for that information. I’m not sure I can use a large envelope as my item is a bit bulky. It’s under 250g, but the envelope has to fit through a certain measurement, right?

ThatJewelleryStore, post: 262768, member: 112727 wrote:
Hi Lyn,

You can explore Large Letter option. Depending on weight, the price is as follows:

– $2.00 up to 125g
– $3.00 up to 250g

If you need tracking option, you can get a box of Registered labels (x50) for $172.50 – this will be $3.45 each.

Plus don’t forget to add the cost of packaging itself. It is better to source the packaging online rather than buy it from Australia Post (I used to buy bubblewrap-lined bags from Australia Post for about $0.40 each, then found better ones online for $0.09 each). Huge savings for the business!

Good luck! Hope it helps.[/QUO