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sherry1, post: 261632, member: 112098 wrote:
Dear Members ,
3.Should i consider other products such as chickpeas and mangoes ,high quality cotton products e.g socks etc rather than handmade products?


I completely missed your question 3.


Going on your example of Cotton Products EG Socks, please go to any markets in Melbourne – Even the Queen Vic markets and you will see an entire stall of socks, you could go and have a chat with the stall holders about their supply chain.

In specific regards to “socks” A large majority of consumers, really don’t care that they are hand made 100% cotton, they look at price. – Yes there are some that are more selective, but the general consumer is price driven, with quality coming in second.

This is why I suggested finding a niche product, even if you look at cotton in general, what other product does your suppliers make?

This is why it’s critical to research like crazy.

We have amazing cotton in Australia and as at 2017 we were the 7th largest exporter of cotton in the world http://www.worldstopexports.com/cotton-exports-by-country/.


Food products is a whole different ball game, there is a lot of regulation over fresh produce.

Chickpeas for example – Aust exported LARGE amounts to India for many years and in December last year India imposed a 30% import tariff and again in February 2018, which meant the Aust Chickpea industry had an excess and had and sourced alternative export markets (they did, they now go to Iran, UAE, etc) .

So no to chickpeas as an example – this is what I mean by research, you need to understand what the Australian market is doing.

My suggestion on being an agent was more about other retailers looking to import, and you help them through your contacts, or look into being a primary suppliers to smaller market stall etc.

Go to every markets held in your region (google Melbourne Markets) roam around, talk to stall holders, do both face to face research and online research, and get to know what the consumers want.

Good luck