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Hi Corey,
I think you may be missing the main issue being discussed here.

This is not primarily about Fb users changing their security settings or taking a holiday from Fb, it is about the impact of Fb’s algo changes on Fb business pages.

Buzzsumo has been analysing and reporting Fb interactions for years. To Buzzsumo, Fb posts, follows and likes are International, not country specific.

What should a business owner do if spending money on a social media service that is designed to promote their FB business page when they see an analysis from a reputable resource like Buzzsumo that says:

“Over that 5-quarter period, engagement declined by:

  • 63% per post for image posts;
  • 48% per post for video posts; and
  • 70% for link posts.”

In addition, it seems businesses had to increase their posts 20% to attain these relatively insignificant interaction levels.

These aren’t minor FB usage changes, they can only be described as a total collapse in customer visits from generic interactions for Fb business pages.

I’d consider any business owner to be incompetent if they did not immediately put in a “please explain/comment” to their social media marketing service when they see numbers like these.

For social media marketing services, here is a detailed explanation of Fb’s Feb 18 algo change:

Feb 2018: The New Facebook Algorithm: Secrets – Behind How It Works and What You Can Do To Succeed
Author: Brian Peters. Linkedin profile

SM marketing services, Are you on top of these changes?

ISTM, Fb is now totally focused on pushing Fb business pages towards Fb advertising programs.