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Hi Ann & Johny,
Just to confirm that this thread is specifically about Fb BUSINESS pages, not about Fb PERSONAL PROFILES. Following are a couple of articles that I hope answer your questions…

1. Different Rules for Personal Profiles vs Business Pages

Facebook sets different rules for the two Facebook formats. Here is a short article that summarises some differences:

Aug 2018: Facebook Business Pages vs. Personal Profiles: What you Need to Know
Author: Nick Gaffney Linkedin profile

A couple of key differences:

“Facebook caps Personal Profiles at 5,000 friends. Facebook Business Pages, on the other hand, don’t have limits.”

“Business Pages also have the opportunity to analyze information about their audience’s demographics and behaviors, allowing advertisements to be further targeted for better return on investment.”

2. Why & How Fb Controls Visibility of Business Pages

Fb has amended how/when its algorithm shows business pages in Fb user’s “news feed”. If Fb decides your Business Page posts are too promotional or uninteresting it seems to cull the frequency and list of followers/likers who receive your posts in their news feed.

Mar 2018: 2018 Facebook Newsfeed Changes and Your Business Page: How To Maximize Reach
Author: Abby Sorensen. Linkedin profile (Note the limited experience)

“Facebook put out a survey and the results of this survey showed that people wanted to see more posts from friends and from pages they cared about, and less promotional content. “Promotional content” does not refer to ads (which Facebook controls for both quantity and quality), as much as it refers to posts from liked pages that consumers see as too promotional.”

“The results of this survey led to the Facebook algorithm change. Facebook’s intention is to make the Facebook newsfeed more relevant and effective; all in all, to make each user experience on Facebook better. However, this change means that pages posting promotional content can expect a decrease in the distribution of their posts.”

I’m no expert in Fb marketing.

Perhaps their are social media marketers on FS who can expand the discussion and correct any errors on my part.